Night light projector helps you fall asleep

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Most parents experience difficulties getting their children to fall asleep at some point in their parenting lives. Some children are afraid of the dark, others are too restless or just too tired and cranky to go to bed without resisting and fussing all the time. Dealing with this kind of behavior night in and night out can take a toll on any new parent, to the point of dreading the upcoming struggles every evening when it is bedtime for their toddlers. Ever heard of Night Light Projector?

If you didn’t here are some tips to smooth the process for yourselves and your children.

Knowing how much sleep your child needs is helpful

Set bedtimes and limitations. This varies depending on the child’s age and while there are some general guidelines, which you can easily find on the internet, you will soon know how much sleep your child needs based on experience. Establishing a bedtime routine is also recommended as children gain a sense of security through structure and develop sleep associations to bedtime activities like having a bath or a bedtime story, which makes it easier to get them to fall asleep. Make sure that the child’s sleeping environment is quiet and cool and while dark rooms are usually recommended, your child might be afraid of the dark or just finds a soft light soothing, so getting a nightlight is never a bad idea.
The Night Light Projector is a cool, multifunctional gadget to ease your child’s mind, stimulate the imagination, curiosity and creativity while washing the worries and fears away. You simply place it on the nightstand, turn it on and let the projections lull your child to sleep. This projector functions as a regular nightlight when it is covered with the acrylic shade provided with product, simply illuminating the room with a dim light, or as a night sky projector when the cover is removed. When in projector mode it basically projects the light onto the room’s ceiling or walls creating amazing light effects, which your child will surely love.

Baby Night Light Projector

It comes with three different optional transparent films, which you can easily attach around the light by unscrewing the top. These films create three different projector themes: Starry Star, Magical Universe and Happy Birthday. You can leave the projector in normal mode or switch to rotating mode by pressing and holding the B button for three seconds. Button B also serves as a command for different brightness settings. Five percent, fifty percent and hundred percent brightness settings are available to choose depending on the situation you are using the Night Light Projector in. Lower settings are recommended for nighttime use to help your child fall asleep easier and higher settings are appropriate for daytime, when you can use the projector as a children’s party decoration. There are six different lighting effects to choose between. There are blue, yellow and white color modes as well as combination, sequential and slow fade modes. You can switch between the modes with button A, each press corresponding to a different mode and the last press turns the device off. The Projector is powered by three AAA batteries, not included with the product, or by the provided USB connection cable which you can plug into any USB hub or port. A USB power socket is not included with the product but most phone chargers will work in its place.

stars night light projectorThe nightlight can also play music and it creates a magical and dreamy ambiance in your child’s room that everyone will adore but there are also other advantages in using the light. Nightlights in children’s rooms are very common and have been for some time now for reasons besides the obvious like easing your child’s fear of the dark or a simple decorative effect. They are useful and helpful to parents attending to their child in the nighttime. When you are feeding your child, using a thermometer to check the child’s temperature, administering medication or simply changing the diaper during the night, the nightlight helps you to navigate these activities without turning on the light and completely waking your child. It makes falling back asleep easier. When your child is old enough to be toilet trained, the night light makes it easier for the child to find their way around the room, so no accidents and bumps occur during the night, if there is a need to visit the bathroom. Siblings of different ages sometimes share a room and they often go to bed at different times. The projector helps the older child, who goes to bed later, change their clothes and get ready to sleep without waking the younger one. The nightlight also comes in handy in many different situations like birthday parties, holiday decoration or camping outdoors.

The Night Light Projector is a beautiful, practical and easy to use nightlight which transforms your child’s bedroom into a magical place full of wonder. It will amaze your child and make your job as a parent a whole lot easier.